I’ve been doing some kind of physical exercise since I was 5 years old, but life turned upside down to me when I started to experience chronic pain around 5 years ago and then I stopped moving.

Let me honest with you.

The pure reason I started to do Pilates was because I was desperate to find something to help me heal my pain and strengthen my very weak body. That’s it. No magic treats.

What lead me into this journey was pain.

I was sleeping the whole night with a heat pack on my back, hip or shoulder. I was getting up every morning feeling like I had a fight with Mohamed Ali all night. I was not able to go for a walk, cleaning my house, riding a bike or even sit at my desk to work. That’s how bad I was.

You see, the Pilates journey is also an emotional journey.

You start with fear thinking: “What is this lady going to make me do? Does she understand that my body aches? What if I cannot hold a basic plank? What is the rest of the people going to think about me?”

First thing you need to know is that your instructor is there to help you, not to obligate you do things you are not ready to do. Also, this is a personal journey, that is why there are so many options for you to move and explore. When I teach an exercise, I like to think of every body that is in front of me, and the many options and tools I can use to help.

Is ok that you cannot do certain things at the beginning. When you were little you were crawling first, then you walk, then you run. Pilates is the same! You start by thinking what on earth are you doing, if it hurts or not and then you start to feel confidence, strong, capable and my favourite, FREE!

Believe me when I say that every person is so focus on their own journey that no one has time to look at what the rest of the class is doing. Mindfulness in its pure form!

Pilates is good for you because it makes you stronger from the inside out. It helps you get to know your body so you can understand what you are capable of. It teaches you how to activate your muscles in the proper way, that’s why is so effective in improving your pain and your quality of life.

In my case, it gave me the push I needed it to move again. It helped me improve my relationship with my body and with a lot of consistency, after 2 years it helped me get rift off my pain.

No false promises or unicorns here. Simple and to the point. We need to get back to our basic functions and, exploring all the different movement patterns that Pilates has to offer is going to give you a good understanding on how to move to feel good and where to start your physical and emotional journey.

With a smile I can say, you are going to Loveee it!

Start here.

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