A former elite rhythmic gymnast turned into a movement and fitness teacher.

I began my journey as a teacher more than 3 years ago, to address ongoing physical pain that came after 17 years of a high-performance sport career.  Since finding again functionality and freedom within my body, and completing several certifications to understand the complex and marvellous human body, I started to share what I’ve learned with others that like me, want to move good and feel good.

Get to know more about me and my background.

Online Live Classes


I’m there guiding you, teaching you correct technique to take the most out of each exercise.


Do you need special attention? You deserve it. I have small classes with plenty of options to suit each student.


Mix of knowledge, experience and support to help you progress on your own rhythm with correct technique.

Live Practice at Home with basic equipment
or no equipment at all.

Pilates to make you feel strong and confident.
Mobility to free up your body tension and relieve pain.
Great quality movement to live and enjoy what you love to do.

Why Pilates?

Low Impact. Focus on strengthening from the inside out with your own body weight.
Flexible. Options available for all fitness levels. The practice adapts to you and what your body needs and no vice versa.
Progress. Constant encouragement to try something new and help you push the boundaries.

Want to work with me?

Experience the benefits of our Pilates and Mobility group classes when the sun is rising, before morning tea or afternoon options.

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