About Esther

Esther is a former Elite Rhythmic Gymnast turned into a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Strength Coach who loves the functionality and complexity of the human body. She teaches Functional Pilates online (Yes, Live Classes!) and works at Method X in Brisbane as a Strength Coach and Personal Trainer for women of all ages and backgrounds and athletes.

Her focus is on supporting women and athletes to improve their mobility and strength, achieve their health and sports goals, and transform the quality of their lives.

She strongly believes that if you Move Good, you can Feel Even Better.

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Online Pilates Classes


Esther’s perfect combination of Pilates, Joint Mobility and Stretching to keep you strong and pain-free. Bodyweight and small equipment. 


Early classes, after work, pre-recorded or private sessions. From Monday to Friday, there is always an option available for you to do at home or on the go.


And personalize! With plenty of options to suit each student. Progress on your own rhythm with the correct technique that Esther will teach along the way. 

Ready to Jump On Your Mat?

Live Practice at Home with basic equipment
or no equipment at all.

Pilates to make you feel strong and confident.
Mobility to free up your body tension and relieve pain.
Great quality movement to live and enjoy what you love to do.

Train with Esther at Method X

Group Fitness Classes and 1:1 Personal Training sessions in a female-only studio to refine your body, rehabilitate injuries, build your confidence and push yourself to be your greatest version.

Book Group Classes here and your Initial Consultation at

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